It's no surprise as we start to see the August wind pick up in Brisbane, that locals begin to anticipate spring, often referred to as the best time of the year. As we emerge from our COVID seclusion and cosy wintry nooks, there is a strong desire for sunshine, fresh blossoms and perhaps a little socialising.

Green space and our heritage buildings are intrinsic to our open air experiences. The view of the Old Museum building, City Hall or Brisbane Powerhouse for example, in the background as we enjoy being out, is very important to locals.

There is a lot to treasure and it's right under our noses. Simple pleasures such as a trip to a local cafe, which we now treat as a bit more special can also reveal forgotten histories. Having a look at that old brickwork or washed out sign painted on the side of a building can trigger the lost social geographer inside each one of us.

Wanting to know a bit more about our local heritage, the stories of the businesses that used to be just around the corner can become a passion. Forgotten Type is the long-term passion for Elliott Bledsoe, our guide for the tours of Woolloongabba, Fortitude Valley, Burnett Lane and a special session of spying signs from the top of the old Regent building (The Capital) in Queen Street. Two sessions per day to stay COVID Safe. Take a look.

Image: West Village.