Two Paddington 'timber and tin' houses

Sunday walk in Paddington

By Brisbane Open | 28 July 2020

Walking your neighbourhood for fresh air, fitness and house-spotting is a common pastime, more common since the intervention of COVID.  On Sunday we went for a different type of walk. Malcolm Middleton was test running the Paddington architecture walk. Heritage expert, Fiona Gardiner and I joined him as the clouds parted after the drenching rain…

Green space & heritage buildings special to locals

By Brisbane Open | 23 July 2020

It’s no surprise as we start to see the August wind pick up in Brisbane, that locals begin to anticipate spring, often referred to as the best time of the year. As we emerge from our COVID seclusion and cosy wintry nooks, there is a strong desire for sunshine, fresh blossoms and perhaps a little…

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